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Bailey looks at the beach from the balcony while you check her out. You give her a little tour of the island by starting out at the black lava beach - at a distance Bailey gets a glimpse of a whale. After you have a little snack back at the room you feel like a little more. Bailey's nipples get hard right away from your hand rubbing her. Since you did such a good job teasing her pussy you take her to the room to get much more. You make sweet love, and cum all over her hand. Bailey wipes a little cum right on to her mouth too! You start out by snorkeling with Bailey and see a huge turtle not far from you. Later Bailey is ready to drive up Haleakala volcano, but the best part was taking Bailey to the nude beach. The folks there were surely treated with Bailey's delicious round ass. Bailey loved dinner, and she loves how you play with her plump breasts.She sucks your cock on her stomach so you can stare at her breasts. Since you like them so much she uses them to stroke your cock. You're more than ready to fuck her now. The best is watching her ride you in reverse cowgirl - that ass is out of control! In a very sexy manner Bailey asks you to fill her up with cum.

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That ass is a great focal point when you fuck her doggy style
That ass is a great focal point when you fuck her doggy style
That ass is a great focal point when you fuck her doggy style
That ass is a great focal point when you fuck her doggy style
That ass is a great focal point when you fuck her doggy style
That ass is a great focal point when you fuck her doggy style